Autism and Communication

In 2010, HollyRod introduced the “Give the Gift of Voice” campaign to provide tablet computers to give a voice to those without. To date, HollyRod has given away more tablets for communication for autism than any other organization. Over 100 individuals ranging in age from 3 to 32 across 27 states can now make their voice hear. It is our commitment to continue this program so that every individual with autism has a voice.

50% of children with Autism have extreme difficulty learning to speak, 25% of them never will. While these individuals may not be able to speak, they have much to say. Traditional Alternative Communication Devices on average cost around $8000. With the introduction of Apple’s new tablet along with specially designed communication “apps”, the ability to speak is far more accessible for so many ranging in total cost of about $1000. Yet there are thousands more who still cannot afford to give their child a voice, help us give them one. Meet some of our tablet recipients.

Are you getting the new tablet2?

If you are buying a new tablet and have no need for your old tablet, please consider donating it to HollyRod. We are accepting used tablets to continue our efforts to give every child with autism a voice.

Resources for Fundraising for your own tablet:

For your child’s (and yours) birthday, holidays, etc… ask family members for Apple gift cards in any denomination. They do add up!

Try this advice from autism mom and one of our favorite bloggers, Shannon Rosa*:

Set up a tablet fundraising campaign for your own child on or These campaigns allow people to contribute whatever they can, directly to a fund that you set up. Then blog the campaign, tweet it, post it on Facebook, email friends & family — enlist as many people as you can, cite as many articles as you need to to let everyone who cares about your child know how much your kid could benefit from a tablet.

Going hat-in-hand may not come naturally to you, but consider that you can ask as many or as few people as you like, that any contribution will make a difference — and that you may actually be helping out all those relatives who wrestle with what to get your child for Christmas, Hanukkah, or birthdays. Remember: people can always choose not to contribute, but they can’t contribute anything if you don’t ask them.

People are generous, the Internet is powerful, and your kid needs a tablet. It’s a great combination.

*read more of Shannon’s blog at

The following app developers partnered with HollyRod offering promo codes and/or donations to offset the cost of the apps we included with our tablets:
AssistiveWare (Proloquo2go)
Grembe Apps (iCommunicate)
FirstWords(Learning Touch)
iMagine Machine (Faces iMake)
GDI Plus (iWrite Words)
Good Karma Apps (First-Then Visual Schedule)
Look2Learn (Stories2Learn)
iBiomed (iBiomed)
GraceApp (GraceApp)
FizzBrain (FizzBrainApp)
ZooGue Donated innovative cases for the all of the tablets

For in-depth list of Apps for Autism, click here to download the Spreadsheet.