Give the Gift of Voice

A new Centers for Disease Control report shows an alarming increase in children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. In 2012, the data showed 1 in 88 children was living with autism, now it is 1 in 68.

Autism presents a myriad of challenges for a child on the spectrum but the inability to effectively communicate is one of the biggest hurdles.

For many of these children, a tablet is essential for them to connect with their families, to communicate their thoughts, their wants and needs. Some children are able to transition to verbal communication with specially designed software.

Without a tablet, a non-verbal child has no resources to communicate with family or educators, has no outlet for their emotions and thoughts, has no way to learn the basic skills needed to become a self-sufficient adult.

Through the Gift of Voice program,your donation opens up a completely new world of possibilities for these children.

We are proud that our partnerships have allowed us to donate more tablet computers than any other organization but we need your support to continue this important work. Your donation underwrites to the cost of a nabi tablet computer and the necessary apps to help a child communicate.

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