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For Peete's Sake Returns this Saturday, February 18 on OWN


On July 18, 2016, trained special-needs caregiver Charles Kinsey was helping a client with autism who had wandered from his group home and was being confronted by police. Mr. Kinsey was ordered to lie on the ground with his hands up in the air. He complied, yet he was still shot by police. Like many, actress Holly Robinson Peete was outraged upon hearing of the incident. She recently organized a panel discussion about autism and policing, and invited Mr. Kinsey to share his story, including the parts that cell phone video didn't capture. 

This compelling discussion touched on many of the issues behind police shootings and community relations.

Watch this episode during the new season of For Peete’s Sake beginning Saturday, February 18 on OWN  

Here are some previews of this timely and provocative episode: