Gift of Voice

50% of children living with autism have extreme difficulty learning to speak, while 25% of them never will. While these individuals may not be able to speak, they have so much to say! Technology, especially tablets with apps designed to engage a child with autism and support communication skills allows these children to have their voices heard. Not only does the tablet technology help our kids find their voice, it aids in development with social and motor skills. Sadly, many families can not afford the recommended 10-25 hours per week of therapy, and also don’t have the means to purchase a tablet. 

With the help of generous sponsors, we launched the “Gift of Voice” program in 2012 and were able to donate hundreds of iPads to children with autism. The response was overwhelming, and as a result we launched our RJ's Place grants to furnish communication devices for use by multiple children to autism clinics and children's hospitals.

We are working on a new Gift of Voice tablet program and an application will be available later this year. Please watch this space or follow us on social media for the announcement on when the application process begins.