Who We’ve Helped

While planning for our HollyRod4kids Compassionate Care Center for Autism, HollyRod Foundation has partnered with a few select programs to begin directly making a difference in the autism community.

The HollyRod Foundation introduced its “Give the Gift of Voice” campaign for the 2010 holiday season and will continue to raise funds towards this effort. Through this program HollyRod Foundation will purchase augmentative communications devices with specially designed software to help nonverbal and minimally verbal children with autism nation wide communicate with their family, peers and community.

HollyRod Foundation continues to be the sole funding source for the HollyRod Compassionate Care Program for Parkinson’s Disease at the USC Keck School of Medicine. Through the Compassionate Care Program, patients in the underserved community are able to visit doctors specializing in Parkinson’s disease and access medications and therapies at no cost.

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