Juneteenth 2021

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Juneteenth Unityfest will bring together diverse voices in a commemoration and celebration of one of the most important events in Black history and American history. People of all backgrounds will have the opportunity to learn about Juneteenth and its legacy via musical performances, inspiring remarks, films, comedy, storytelling, and appearances by civic leaders and influencers.

Most importantly, Juneteenth Unityfest is a national platform for a coalition of charitable and grassroots organizations to gain much deserved attention and support for their work in advancing national unity.

Everyone has a role to play in bringing about a brighter future, and each of us can contribute to this healing with a willingness to listen, an openness to dialogue and the courage to speak up and act in the pursuit of equal justice.

Juneteenth is a day to remember and understand America’s painful past, to be proud of the progress we have made, to set bigger goals for the future, and to daily rededicate ourselves to those goals.