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R.J. Featured by Time Warner Cable Sportsnet

At just 3-years-old Holly Robinson-Peete and Rodney Peete’s son R.J. was diagnosed with Autism. Doctors claimed he would never speak let alone be able to have a job.

It wasn’t until Dodgers Executive Vice President Chief Marketing Officer Lon Rosen saw them on a reality show, which the Robinson-Peete family is on, that he realized how the Dodgers could make a difference.

“I was watching it one day and it was an episode where they were talking about helping R.J. get a job and they were having trouble with it.”

Rosen called Holly and the rest was history. R.J. helps out in the Dodgers clubhouse and has been embraced by the organization and especially by the players. Justin Turner talked about how having R.J. in the clubhouse puts everyone in a good mood.

“He brings a different spirit to the club house, he’s always happy and excited to get there every day,” said Turner. “He picks up the whole team.”

It seems R.J. is a welcomed addition to the team and he hopes to continue growing with the organization and be a Dodger for life.

Check out the amazing video of Holly and RJ and their amazing partnership with the LA Dodgers that has not only changed R.J's life but the entire Peete Family.