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  • Susan Ison
    commented 2019-04-24 08:51:33 -0700
    My name is Susan, I have highly functional autism. As my mon told me I was missed diagnosed as a child. I was finally diagnosed right I was 19. When I turned 19 my mother looked into getting me the right resources that I needed and or programs. Thanks to my mom I have been able to go through my own trials and tribulations, and at this point in my life I am 38 and living on my own and then holding my own job for what will be 11 years on May 5. I didn’t think I was going to be able to hold a job this long but I am grateful that I have made it this far in my life with autism and I think everyone who is help me with my journey.
  • Michelle Saccoman Hubbard
    commented 2019-04-23 09:22:07 -0700
    My son has autism and I would say he is moderately on the autism spectrum. My son has taught us so many things! I am grateful for all of the advancements that are available. We are and have met many people along our journey.
  • Michelle Saccoman Hubbard
    commented 2019-04-23 09:22:06 -0700
    My son has autism and I would say he is moderately on the autism spectrum. My son has taught us so many things! I am grateful for all of the advancements that are available. We are and have met many people along our journey.
  • Susan Ison
    commented 2019-04-23 06:53:08 -0700
    My name is Susan, I have highly functional autism. As my mon told me I was missed diagnosed as a child. I was finally diagnosed right I was 19. When I turned 19 my mother looked into getting me the right resources that I needed and or programs. Thanks to my mom I have been able to go through my own trials and tribulations, and at this point in my life I am 36 and living on my own and then holding my own job for what will be 11 years on May 5. I didn’t think I was going to be able to hold a job this long but I am grateful that I have made it this far in my life with autism and I think everyone who is help me with my journey.
  • James Grant
    commented 2019-04-22 20:25:06 -0700
    Good evening, my grandson is a highly functional artistic Child, he knows he’s different but doesn’t understand and it hurts him socially. He is 14 yrs old right now, any help or guidance in a direction to help him would be appreciated… God bless your family and the work you do for artistic children 🙏🏾❤️😊
  • Alice Jones
    commented 2019-04-16 17:19:35 -0700
    I am looking for a sponsor to get a book wrote and published about an accident I was in while shopping in a dollar General store.Can you help ME? My medical bills are on the way to three million dollar.If I can get a book done I might be able to buy a van with a wheelchair lift. Thank you Alice Jones
  • Gerald Thomas
    commented 2019-04-13 23:24:12 -0700
    Dear the Peet’s I watch your show and I’m so happy you guys are doing so much for autism . My girlfriend has a grandson who is autistic. I want to tell you about him his mother and father works with him all his life fighting to give him a chance to live a regular life. I wasn’t there in the struggles that they had Raising him but I seen the outcome. Now he’s 17 and he’s a Dj and he’s getting know in New Jersey. He’s do autism shows and did different organizations. He is very good the Djs who see him can’t believe his skills. So if you are ever in the New Jersey area come and see him he Dj at skate 47 in Franklinville On Wednesdays. We all would be happy if you guys could come and maybe his story can encourage other families. Thank you so much for what you’re doing again your friend Gerald
  • Dianna Bush-Igou
    commented 2019-04-12 15:07:56 -0700
    I saw you on the View this morning, and wanted to thank you for all that you do. The information about Autism has been a great interest of mine. My granddaughter was diagnosed at age two and a half, and that was life changing for the entire family. My daughter and I started studying and learning everything we could and it’s been an awakening journey that I wish we didn’t have to do alone. My granddaughter turned 18 in January and will be recognized as a Valedictorian when she graduates this June, and is registered for collage next. Most of her schools did recognize her Autism and were amazing with the assistance, but one middle school didn’t and it was a great struggle for her. People would stair at her and whisper things like, what’s wrong with her and then run away laughing. She didn’t really pay attention to them and if I would explain her disability she commented that she didn’t want me to share that. I’m so thankful that there is so much more awareness today. I would love to do something more in the schools and in the job invirament for better awareness and understanding to individuals who don’t have any connection. I created a non-profit organization to teach families about awareness for years. The outreach was in a small community but definitely beneficial.
  • Cathleen Salomon
    commented 2019-04-12 11:03:17 -0700
    My daughter is 21, her therapist recently recommended she be tested for autism. I am having difficulty locating how and where this could be done for an adult. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  • Jennifer White
    commented 2019-04-12 10:50:51 -0700
    Holly, I saw you on The View this morning, and both you and your husband on Strahan & Sara today. Nice tackle! I have a 20-year-old son with autism who is finishing his 2nd year of college in computer science. It has taken many years, a lot of occupational therapy and psychological therapy, but he is motivated and had friends for the first time in his life since he found others like himself at college. We always pushed him to do things that were a bit uncomfortable for him and he grew through that process. I am now working on my doctoral dissertation in business management and examining competitive advantage that companies may have when they intentionally hire people with autism because of the skills and benefits of hiring those individuals. Keep up the good work!
  • Steph Goeppert
    commented 2019-04-12 10:50:03 -0700
    Thank you for your work in building Awareness for Persons with Disabilities. The California State Dept. of Education has a Grant Program called “WorkAbility 1”. Please check it out. This program assists high school students with disabilities in learning life skills as well as educating employers to hire these young people. WorkAbility 1 staff (throughout CA) places students in internship jobs (paying their wages for a temp. amount of time) in hopes the employers will eventually hire them. Please check WorkAbility 1 out. Stephanie Goeppert, Redding CA
  • Marcelle Walls
    commented 2019-04-12 09:23:15 -0700
    Hello Holly! My name is Marcelle Walls. I saw you on the view today 4/12, and heard about what you and your foundation is doing for your son and other families who are dealing with Autism. Your son is working and living a quality and productive life and I want that for my grandson Teon Burks. My grandson who is 23 has autism and has not been able to enjoy a quality life for all is life. I see him wasting away. All he does is watch tv mostly basketball games ( he loves the Bulls) He has a job years ago washing dishes in a restaurant that he enjoyed. I told his Mom to check out places like the goodwill or the local grocery stores, but she’s afraid they’ll mistreat him. So as a result he lives a life in seclusion. He lives in Atlanta with his mom has not been able to take advantage of the resources that would be available to her due to finances. Nothing is free. I don’t know where on the spectrum he is. His mom took him out of school early due to the lack of help there and since then he does nothing with his life. He deserves to have a better quality of life. He deserves to have friends, a job, activities other than outings with family. He deserves to be happy. If there’s anything you can do to help, please help my grandson. His world is so small and when I see other families that have a child with Autism living productive lives, I feel bad for my grandson. Holly, he deserves so much more out of life. If there’s anything you can do, please tell me. My email address is
  • K Rabideau
    commented 2019-04-12 09:11:53 -0700
    Hi Holly- I love you and your family. My 22 yr old daughter is autistic. College was not for her, altho she graduated with honors from high school. She does not have many friends, people don’t always “get” her. She found a job at our library, her dream job, but after a few months , they said she was too slow and was let go. Still trying to find work, but does dogsit from time to time. She has found support and friends online, kids who are also autistic. One thing she is very passionate about is an initiative #redinstead. It is for autism acceptance, not just awareness. She and her online friends also dislike Autism Speaks because they promote looking for a cure. There is no cure because it is not a disease! Acceptance is the cure. I am doing my best to help her navigate thru life. Sorry this is so long, but saw you on The View and needed to post. My best to you. Love what you are doing. 🙂
  • Lorrie Zwieg
    commented 2019-04-12 09:06:02 -0700
    I was watching the view this morning and was excited to learn about this organization. I have worked as an Employment Specialist for years and have assisted numerous folks with special needs to obtain community employment. It blows me away that I still encounter employers, or their management staff, that say that they aren’t interested in hiring someone with a disability because they dont want to be held liable for the individual “hurting themselves”. WHAT??? You were absolutely correct when you stated that someone with a disability can potentially be an employer’s BEST employee. How sad it is that we still have so many narrow minded people in this world that are in charge if hiring our next generation of workers. I applaud you for the information that you supplied the viewers with this morning!! I would love to be able to meet you in person and have a discussion regarding this topic!
  • Ellen Hicks
    commented 2019-04-12 08:59:43 -0700
    Holly, I just saw you on The View! I have a grandson, 29, who has autism and has not been able to hold a job. He lasts a couple of days on,y because he’s unsure of himself in the beginning. I give home outdoor jobs for me and another friends father gives him odd jobs as well. My question for you is how can I find out who’s giving these autistic people a chance at work? My grandson is like what you said on tv. He’s loyal, loves repetitive work and working with his hands and more! I’ve been told by his employers that they don’t have time to train people and yet they have a big turnover! I don’t understand why business won’t take a chance. Who do you recommend and what do I, as his grandmother, help by letting employer know what to expect?
  • Willa Thompson
    commented 2019-04-11 17:35:14 -0700
    Hi Mrs Holly Robin’s my name is Willa Thompson I live in a small town in Ga called Rochelle where I’m rising my grandson who have autism’s I love to chat with you if on how to handle a child with autism’s I watched your TV show every week I love how y’all are with your son RJ so if I can l would love to chat on how to take care of my grandson even the more thanks Willa Thompson
  • Kayar McLemore
    commented 2019-04-11 09:18:40 -0700
    Hello thank you for y’all your hard work. My son is 3 and his name is Fabian Anderson Jr. and he has Autism its a challenge but every time I watch your show it motivate me thank you for sharing you and your family.
  • S Dawson
    commented 2019-04-08 08:31:19 -0700
    Mrs. Peete,

    Thank you for sharing your family with us. We have a 22-year-old grandson with Autism (Jalen) who is a gentle giant. Unfortunately, I treated him like an elementary school age child, after watching your show I am learning to treat him like the young adult he is. His dad works with a population of adults with autism and he keeps me on my toes to treat Jalen like a young adult. Always learning something new from your show.

    Your mom, she too has opened up my eyes, I have motivated my mother to get out and enjoy her life. She is between 85-89 years old, she continues to change her birthdate, Also, your mom gets me excited that life is full of excitement. Love you all and when we visit the West Coast I would like to bring Jalen to visit your center.

    God Bless
  • Katrina Shellman
    commented 2019-04-03 12:31:42 -0700
    We are so thankful for your family sharing your story! You have motivated us to start a YouTube channel about our journey. Watch “A Journey In Autism” on YouTube
  • Christina Scott
    commented 2019-03-30 07:12:08 -0700
    Hi my name is christina . I love love love u guys . Been watching ur show since its been on the two different networks. U go girl. Been watching holly for many years. Good person u know. My son has autism to higher function. When i found out ur son had it years back. I thought wow. They r going thru what i have. Just by my self tho. Rj turned out great. Wish they had a speech lady like the one u have. I think that would help a lot of inner city children get more of the help they need. My son will be 16 this year. Have older children. So they don’t understand what’s going on and how to help.u know when i was 9 years old my neighbor had a son who had it . Really didn’t know what was wrong with him non verbal. I taught him how to ride a bike.didn’t know at the time.what i was doing. I was 9 u know. But u helped a lot if people. God has brought me thru a lot with him. There is not a lot of schools, resources for inner city kids. To get the help. And the parents either.
    U r an inspiration to a lot of us. I am ur age . Had my son at 39 going on 40. What a he’s taught me a lot.there was a comment about a parent that has a non verbal. U know i ask God to help me. And i use to say one word . I used to look him in the eyes and say one word. Keep saying that one word over and over and over.when u talk with him or her. It is not going to happen over night just keep saying it. I have learned when a child feels protected he will thrive. Especially our autistic children.these teenage years for us is rough. But God is there with me on this journey. Been wanting to write to u for a long time. Since u first came out about Rj. I smile everytime i watch u guys on tv. To see him dancing goofing around with his brothers and Ryan. Talking with u and Rodney. Don’t think it doesn’t have and impact because it does. Trust me.
  • Marcellus Hartsfield
    commented 2019-03-23 03:18:18 -0700
    Dear Peet Family, my name is Marcellus Hartsfield, I am the Founder of Anointed Hands Sign Language Interpreting Ministry. I have been following your show when you all were on OWN, and now on the Hallmark Channel. You transparency with RJ, and the success he has had with Autism has been so uplifting. Sometimes I am left in tears. God has blessed your Family, and I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your journey. I wanted to know do you have jewelry for men or are they unisex?
  • rohan das
    commented 2019-03-22 04:11:51 -0700
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  • Cindy Bruce
    commented 2019-03-19 11:52:03 -0700
    You are a God wink for me. I have an almost 10 yr old non verbal autistic son. We were just talking about how to take care of our son and daughter in the case we were to pass away. What do we do? Who will help our children? I would so love to know more about what you have learned. You know us autism moms have to stick together. I would love to hear from you. Thanks and love for you for being you! What a blessing. Love, sounthern autism mom.
  • Amy Susino
    commented 2019-03-19 08:49:23 -0700
    Hello Holly, I saw your 20th Foundation Event on the Hallmark Channel lastnight and it put me to tears. I knew you were affected by Austism as well, I too have a 23 year old Son with Asperger’s Syndrome. It is remarkable what you and your Family have done for both the Austism and Parkinson’s Communities. I live in Naples Florida and I am a Single Mother who has been concerned about my Son’s future independence since his diagnosis 10 years ago. I have been wanting to reach out to you for some advice perhaps, about a Housing Project Idea I have for our Autism Community that could be implimented throughout the county. It could allow our Children to live comfortably, securely and independantly. I just don’t know how to put all of the pieces together. I don’t know any other way to communicate with you but if you would be interested my email address is Keep up the amazing work you are doing and I look forward to seeing the 21st Annual Benefit!
  • John Grady
    commented 2019-03-18 20:05:23 -0700
    dear Holly and Rodney what you do for this Foundation is amazing impeccable I wish I was in a position to give money I’m not I’m on a fixed income I watch your show all the time but when I watched the fundraising show it was heartwarming what you go through to put on a show like that I can’t even imagine but you touched my heart in a way it’s never been touched before don’t quit doing it keep up the good work and hopefully one day soon I will be able to contribute something thank you so much